San Diego Automotive Window Tinting

Simmons Solar we offer a wide range of vehicle window tinting options. We use the highest quality 3M film. Call us and ask for the available options or check out our gallery page to see a sample of what we can do for your vehicle.

The Simmons Solar Advantage

Our mobile window tinting van will come to you and do the job on-site. We are so confident that you will be happy with our work that we offer a lifetime no-fade guarantee on all tints.

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San Diego Auto Window Tinting

Advantages of Window Tinting

  • Tinting your vehicle will not only improve the comfort for the driver and passengers but will also protect them from harmful UV rays, which can be a problem in our sunny southern California climate.
  • A study has shown that the average San Diego commuter spends close to 40 hours a year stuck in traffic. Most of us can relate to being stuck in the freeway under the glare of a hot sun.
  • Here is where a custom tint job from Simmons Solar Window Tinting can help. Our 3M tints are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective means of blocking up to 99.9% of dangerous UV rays, equivalent to an SPF of over 1000.
  • Furthermore, a Simmons Solar custom tint will keep your interior cooler, thereby saving your car’s air conditioner from working so hard over the summer. It will also preserve your vehicle interiors and prevent them from fading over time. Finally, tinting your car windows enhances your safety by cutting down on potentially dangerous glare from the road, ensuring that reflective surfaces or car headlights do not blind you when you are driving.