La Mesa Window Tinting

Simmons Solar Window Tinting has been providing mobile window tinting throughout San Diego for nearly three decades. We serve most of Greater San Diego and are proud to provide all of La Mesa window tinting needs. For the entire list of all the places we serve, please check our San Diego Coverage Areas page.

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La Mesa Window Tinting

Benefits of Window Tinting

There are many common-sense reasons to window tint your vehicle, home or office. Tinting the windows of your car reduces glare, increasing road safety. It even makes your car windows shatter proof in an accident.

Tinting windows in your home or office not only enhances privacy, it also cuts down on harmful UV and infrared rays from entering your living or work space. Window tinting can also help you save big on heating and cooling costs. The average homeowners will save as much as 30% on their heating and cooling costs over the life of the tint.


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What Makes Us Different?

At Simmons Solar we come to your home or office and get the job done in front of you. Our workmanship, professionalism, and customer service is second to none. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and we offer a lifetime guarantee for all our La Mesa window tinting clients.

Insist on the Best

Be wary of companies that offer cheap tints with sub-par film. Low quality tinting film will bubble, fade and even turn purple over time. At Simmons Solar we use only the highest quality Solar Gard products. Solar Gard is the world leader in laminates and adhesives. Their products do not bubble or lose their color over time.