San Diego Boat Window Tinting

At Simmons Solar we have been tinting boats in San Diego for close to 20 years. Our technicians are experienced on all sorts of marine window tinting applications and will get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Our marine window tinting films are specially formulated by 3M to work specifically with boats. Water reflects sunlight, magnifying the glare and causing discomfort to boat pilots and passengers. Tinting your boat’s windows are an effective way to prevent glare, as well as protect boat interiors from fading under the sun, stop harmful UV rays, enhance privacy in the wheelhouse and below decks and prevent heat build-up in protected areas during extended periods out in the sea.

Some companies will try to cut corners by using generic metallic window tints in boats which will then interfere with boat electronics and radio signals. Not so with Simmons Solar. We use the right film for the right setting – our marine window tints are specially designed to work in boats, and will not interfere or impede the functioning of with radio frequencies, LED screens or any other on-board electronic equipment.

Furthermore, our 3M marine window tinting films are rated at 1000 SPF while still allowing the maximum amount of light to pass through.

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San Diego Boat Window Tinting

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